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Natural Healing 

Do No Harm

These healing methods are used to help achieve welllness naturally. 
For more information on the services listed below, contact me to schedule your 20 minute complimentary Q & A appointment.


Newcomers to foot reflexology are sometimes baffled by how simple, precise pressure on specific, areas of the feet c​an eliminate lower back pain, sciatica, bursitis, insomnia, arthritis and other body ills. The reason this works is because reflexes link each part of the body to a special area of the f​eet, and the nervous system serves as a connection. By proper manipulation of these reflex points, you can help yourself naturally.


This therapy uses an instrument that helps reconnect broken or damaged electrical circuits within the body by stimulating it with the correct wave form, current, and frequency. When there is pain in the body there is electrical resistance, meaning the electrical signals between cells are suppressed. Electro-Reflex can help restore the flow of electricity through the painful areas so that circuits remain turned on and healing can be promoted. 


This therapy provides Negative Potential Energy ​(Energy for Rest), with High Freq​ue​ncy ​Ener​gy (More ATP). Using E-Power as a capacitor, we are able to generate 70KHz of​ high fre​e​quency​​​ electrical waves, creating an internal energy that will balance and revitalize you. As E-Power incre​ases the temperature of your subcutaneous skin, Negative Potential Energy spreads throughout the entire body,rel​axing yo​u and creating a balanced electrical field. Negative Potential Energy with high frequency balances the functions of cations (positively charged ions) and anions (neg​ative charged ions) on both sides of the cell membrane, promoting faster metabolism and stronger immunity. 


Thi​s therapy promotes a form of therapeutic massage based on both medical and physiological sciences. This blends the healing arts with technology for a truly unique experience supporting health without creating an energy deficit, undue stress to the body, or enervating exertion. The entire spinal cord and all of the muscles along the spine are involved. Because the massage with the Chi Machine is performed while you are lying down and relaxed, weight is removed from the spine. 


In Ayurveda, one of the ways we detox involves the use of a steam chamber. The body's temperature is increased as the neck and head are kept out and cooled. This is a form of hydrotherapy and very effective in killing viruses, cleansing the entire system, helping to promote detoxification.


Reverse your biological years. This is advanced holistic face therapy for non surgical lifts and regeneration through Marie Gagne's multiple modality treatments. Incorporating light, ultra sound, microcurrent, exfoliation, deep hydration, and customized for individual needs. 


Ultrasound therapy involves the use of a metallic probe. The procedure begins with the application of gel either on the head of the probe or directly to the skin. The gel basically helps the sound waves to penetrate into the skin evenly. Ultrasound therapy has numerous benefits and can be used for a vast range of issues. Heating and relaxing of the muscles in order to alleviate pain, Increasing the blood flow i.e. lymph to enhance the heaing process of muscles, joints and ligaments as well as the softening of any existing scar tissue.


Microcurrents occur naturally within the body and they are vital for the production of ATP which moves essential substances in and out of the cells, while simultaneously boosting the body's absorption of amino acids ( the building blocks of proteins), which are an essential component of tissue repair. Microcurrent therapy helps inflammation as well as aids in speedy recovery and alleviates pain. 


High frequency treatments kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. This treatment can maximaize the benefits of your serums by heling them absorb much deeper below the skin. The safe oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current enhances blood circulation, increases collagen and elastin production, eliminates toxins and bacteria, encourages lymphatic drainage, and safely exfoliates away dead skin cells to improve the appearance of the skin. 

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