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How To Achieve Optimal Wellness

This is an introduction on how to achieve optimal wellness. My step by step easy to follow program will enlighten you with the knowledge of whole foods nutrition, cleansing body techniques and holistic skin treatments, allowing you to experience your health goals. Receive your choice of a holistic treatment with this workshop. (mini syllabus included). 

Discover and Recover Your Health

This workshop includes your Heart Sound Graph includes your personal nutritional assessment. If you've been ill or desire the vitality you once had, this workshop is for you. I will cover the practical steps needed to support your body's ability to heal. It is never too late to recover your health and I look forward to being your guide. Includes your starter syllabus.

Adjust Your Weight (overcome metabolic syndrome)

During this workshop you will learn all about IF (intermittent fasting), the benefits and what to expect depending on your personal health issues. There are various methods of IF and we will discuss the pros and cons of them. Get informed so you can experience a new level of health and vitality as your body adjusts naturally to its proper weight. Workshop will include your HSR graph with nutritional assessment.

Why We Age and How To Recover 

This is a womens encouragement workshop, the story of a modern day woman, her responsibilities, and how stress plays such an important role in the aging and physical degeneration of our bodies. You will receive one recommended Standard Process supplement to help you get started on your healing journey.



Organic Serums That Support & Heal

This is a workshop that teaches the art of creating serums to feed and nourish your skin. A gift of one custom blended face serum will be gifted to you at the conclusion of this dynamic workshop.

How To Regenerate From Cell to Skin

This 90 minute workshop focuses on supporting the body with the understanding that correct vitamin and mineral supplements help your body heal. You will receive one recommended supplement to get you started at the comclusion of this workshop based on your assessment needs.

Micro-Zen Face Recovery System

This workshop includes a professional assessment of your skin. We will discuss the use of facial devices that are instrumental in regenerating the skin and lifting the muscle beneath the skin. We will  formulate and create your personal program. You will receive a complementary healing serum as a gift with easy to follow instructions on achieving the best results.

Beauty through Wellness 

This workshop begins with a nutritional assessment, and looks closely at your existing skin issues. Learning how to support your body inside and out will empower you. You will receive a healing face serum along with directions on how to acheive the very best results.

The Signs of Aging Reversed

Learn how to reverse your biological clock. We will explore food choices, and lifestyle. A full intake and HSR nutritional assessment will be part of this workshop.

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