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When the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are working as they should, the tendency is to rest often and easily. One can, however, perform at "top speed" with equal ease. Wheh challenged by stress, the balanced person is able to respond with vigor and fortitude. The parasympathetic system reduces the activity of the brain, the muscles, and the adrenal and thyroid glands. When no situation is presenting, the balanced person an comfortably choose to rest and can sleep deeply. 


  1. Non-invasive tests are available for accurate detection which is crucial. Once you are aware of your deficiencies you will be able to make educated decisions choosing minerals and vitamins to support and nourish you to health and vitality.  

  2. Rest Often. Nap often, and sleep at least 8 hours each night. The hours before midnight are the best.

  3. Eat Well. The nervous system must be properly nourished to function correctly. 

  4. Reduce Excessive and Harmful Stress. Stress is the main activator of the sympathetic nervous system.

  5. Work with a practitioner you trust to guide you to wellness. 

 Doc Marie Gagne' 

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