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Service Recommendations

Visit me, Marie Gagne', at the Brownwood Spa and experience the Moroccanoil hair care system. Beautiful colors, natural highlights and precision haircuts. Book your appointment at the spa and ask for me, MG'  

Hair Wash

Book your nutritional assessment with Marie Gagne'. CNC certified nutritional consultant today. Click on the pic below and leave me a message with your contact information. 


MY Tribe designs

Host a pop up workshop and create your own Tyvek purse. Click on this pic and leave me a message with your contact information.


Sign up today for your HSR test and review. This heart healthy workshop is available at the Day Spa in Ocala Florida, downtown location. Next workshop date is in July, after the 4th. Click on this picture below and leave me a message with a form of contact. 

Making a Heart

My Tribe designs

Schedule your design session with me and purchase or create your own hat. 


Hair Analysis 

Book a time with me for a quick hair analysis test to determine your mineral ratios, deficiencies and more. Click here and leave me your contact information. 

Smiling Woman

 Doc Marie Gagne' 

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